Demos are compiled and merged with 4D Engine 6.0.6 for maximum compatibility and minimum file size. DataLicense is compatible with 4D 6.0.6, 6.5.x, and 6.7.x.

DataLicence 2.0.6 Demo for Windows.

DataLicense 2.0.6 for Windows .. download now, 5.6 MB

DataLicence 2.0.6 Demo for Macintosh

DataLicense 2.0.6 for Macintosh .. download now, 4.5 MB

DataLicense UserGuide.pdf (NOT included in demo downloads)

Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

What is DataLicense?

DataLicense is a collection of 4th Dimension® methods and forms that provide piracy protection for your work. DataLicense uses no plug-ins. All code is native 4th Dimension so the developer may customize any aspect of it, and it will run without conflict on any platform that 4th Dimension will.

DataLicense does not license a datafile for distribution!
It protects your structure from piracy and it uses your clients' datafile to do it.. Even a newly created datafile.

DataLicense has several advantages over plug-ins that require your customers to enter a serial number to use your 4D programs.

With DataLicense installed, any of your 4D programs may be freely distributed without fear of piracy.

With DataLicense installed, you can work on custom solutions knowing that if the client does not pay they will not be able to use your software.

In the event you are not paid and the trial period expires, DataLicense will offer to export the client's data to disk. This prevents a cantankerous deadbeat from making the legal claim that you prevented them from accessing their data.

What's Included?

DataLicense includes all methods and forms to make the system work in any 4D structure, plus a User Guide PDF. Everything may be installed with one drag from a 4D Insider file, and customization is easy.

A separate compiled 4D application (itself protected with DataLicense) that generates serial numbers is included.

Now that you've given away your ideas, can't I write this myself?

Sure, if you know 4D well, but how much is your time worth?

Also, as you'll see when you read the code, we've thought of a few things that probably haven't occurred to you.


No-hassle license: One copy per development entity, company or individual. Use on any platform 4D runs on, in as many projects as you have.

One price allows you to use DataLicense on both Mac and Windows! Please specify platform you'd prefer DataLicense shipped as, you may Transporter it to the other.

delivery via email: free, no tax.
delivery on CD-ROM via USPS : $15, via FedEx Overnight $25. California addresses add.0725 sales tax
Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and checks are accepted.

order via email - (please specify Mac or Windows for delivery, and include credit card info.)